Freeze Dryed Foods
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Freeze Dried Foods from Barry Farm Foods

Freeze-dried foods are produced using a refrigerated vacuum system which removes the water from the product while maintaining the structure, color, and flavor of the piece. Freeze-dried foods are especially suited to applications where particulate size and shape are important, such as instant soups, potato and pasta dishes, snack mixes, vegetable dips and dressings. The ease of reconstitution make them ideal for dry blends.  Remember that as much as 90 percent of the weight of the food you purchase "fresh" is water.

Freeze dried foods are sometimes very fragile.  We package these items with as much whole slices or pieces as possible, but remember that a Mylar bag is not a steel can.  Some breakage may occur in shipping and handling.

All of our freeze dried foods are packaged in black Mylar sealed bags with an Oxygen absorber packet allowing them to be stored on the shelf for up to 25 years, if stored properly.  This bag protects the contents from moisture and light that can degrade the food.  These bags can also be used to re-hydrate the contents with either hot or cold water.

Now, a word about the product pictures.  You'll notice that there aren't any.  If you don't know what corn or green beans look like, product photos are not going to help.  What we feel IS important for everyone is the label and the nutrient data and the re-hydration information and serving size.


Below is a sample photo of the Mylar packaging we are using.  It will, of course, have the appropriate labels attached.  Sizes will vary depending on the bulk of the product.

We are only packaging "single serving" sizes at this time.  When you look at the package sizes, they are in Ounces or Grams but the contents of the package is a recommended "serving" (1/2 cup, cup, pcs.).  Remember when you buy "fresh" foods, you are paying for all the water that is in that food.

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VD09   Broccoli Florets Freeze-Dried, 10 Grams 
IF20251   Sweet Corn Freeze Dried, 28 Grams
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H155C Shallots
VD477 Green Beans FREEZE DRIED, 20 Grams 
BFF102 Sliced Green Tomatoes FREEZE DRIED, 10 Grams 

Can be re-hydrated, breaded and pan fried for "fried green tomatoes" anytime.

BFF103 Onion Dices FREEZE DRIED, 5 Grams  $2.50
BFF104 Green Pepper Dices FREEZE DRIED, 5 Grams  $2.50
BFF140 Yellow Pepper, Strips FREEZE DRIED, 5 Grams  $2.25
BFF139 Red Pepper, Strips FREEZE DRIED, 5 Grams  $2.25
BFF132 Green Pepper, Strips FREEZE DRIED, 5 Grams  $2.25
BFF105 Brussels Sprouts, Whole FREEZE DRIED, 28 Grams  $2.50
BFF108 Leeks, Sliced FREEZE DRIED, 6 Grams  $2.25
BFF111 Red Tomato Slices FREEZE DRIED, 10 Grams  $2.50
BFF116 Potato Shreds FREEZE DRIED, 14 Grams  $2.50
BFF117 Potato Dices FREEZE DRIED, 18 Grams  $2.50
BFF120 Beets, Sliced FREEZE DRIED, 15 Grams  $2.50
BFF121 Artichoke Hearts FREEZE DRIED, 28 Grams  $5.00
BFF123 Peas FREEZE DRIED, 20 Grams  $2.50
BFF122 Cauliflower FREEZE DRIED, 28 Grams  $2.50
BFF124 Carrots, Sliced FREEZE DRIED, 10 Grams  $2.50
BF002 Okra FREEZE DRIED, 11 Grams  $2.50
BFF136 Jalapeno Peppers, Sliced FREEZE DRIED, 6 Grams $2.50
BFF137 Hungarian Peppers, Sliced FREEZE DRIED, 3 Grams  $2.50
BFF138 Yellow Summer Squash Slices FREEZE DRIED, 5.5 Grams  $2.50
BFF119 Celery Leaf and Stalk FREEZE DRIED, 3.5 Grams  $2.50
VD1.2 Asparagus Pieces FREEZE DRIED, 7 Grams  $2.50
BF003     Zucchini Quartered FREEZE DRIED, 28 Grams   $2.50  



BFF148 Peach Dices FREEZE DRIED, 14 Grams $3.50
BFF106     Peach Slices      
BFF107 Apple Slices FREEZE DRIED, 28 Grams  $3.50
BFF109 Mango Chunks FREEZE DRIED, 28 Grams  $4.25
BFF110 Banana Slices FREEZE DRIED, 28 Grams $3.75
BFF112 Orange Slices FREEZE DRIED, 28 Grams    
BFF113 Lime Slices FREEZE DRIED, 20 Grams $3.75
BFF114     Mandarin Orange Slices      
BFF115     Lemon Slices      
BFF118     Pink Grapefruit Slices      
BFF130 Black Raspberries FREEZE DRIED, 28 Grams $4.75
BFF149 Red Raspberries FREEZE DRIED, 12 Grams $4.75
BFF131 Rhubarb Chunks FREEZE DRIED, 10 Grams $3.50
BFF133 Strawberries, Sliced FREEZE DRIED, 6 Grams $3.75
BFF151 Pineapple Dices FREEZE DRIED, 20 Grams $3.75
BFF146 Blackberries FREEZE DRIED, 12 Grams $3.75
BFF145     Cranberries FREEZE DRIED, 20 Grams $3.75



VDH11 Black Beans  Freeze Dried, 28 Grams
BFF101 Great Northern Beans Freeze Dried, 28 Grams $2.00
BFF134 Pinto Beans Freeze Dried, 28 Grams $2.75
VDH14 Navy  Beans Freeze Dried, 28 Grams $2.50
BFF125 Baby Lima Beans Freeze Dried, 37 Grams $2.50
BFF127 Cranberry Beans Freeze Dried, 28 Grams $2.50
BFF135 Dark Red Kidney Beans Freeze Dried, 28 Grams $2.50



BFF126 Chinese Black Rice Freeze Dried, 28 Grams $2.50
BFF128 Green Bamboo Rice Freeze Dried, 28 Grams $2.50
BFF129 Long Grain Brown Rice Freeze Dried, 28 Grams $2.25
      Long Grain Brown and Wild Rice Blend      
BFF154 Wehani Rice Freeze Dried, 28 Grams $2.25
BFF155 Purple Sticky Rice Freeze Dried, 28 Grams $2.25
      Himalyan Red Rice      
      Barry Farm Wild Rice Blend      
      Wild Rice      
      Arborio Rice      
      Sushi Rice      
      Jasmine White Rice      
      Basmati Brown Rice      




Pickled Veggies


BFF141     Pickled Beets      
BFF142     Dilled Green Beans      
BFF143     Pickled Hungarian Hot Peppers      
BFF144     Pickled Jalapeno Peppers