Herbs  & Spices Facts
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Herbs and spices should be kept in tightly covered containers at all times and should be replaced frequently.  The secret to herbs and spices is in the aroma as well as the flavors they impart.  Heat, sunlight and air can reduce the quality of the seasonings.  If you have had herbs in your cabinets over a year, replace them with fresh ones. 

Fresh herbs require 4 times the amount of dried herbs in a recipe.  When using dried herbs,  crush or rub them in your hand before dropping them in the recipe.  This releases the oils which produce most of the flavor and aroma.

Whole herbs are a better choice than ground or powdered since they hold their flavor longer in storage.  You will either have to grind them yourself or if using the whole herb, use 1 ½ times the ground herb called for.

Do not double herbs called for when doubling the recipe.  Use only 1½ times the required amount; taste and then add more if necessary

When using herbs, never use more than 1 strong herb per recipe.  You can add milder flavored herbs but two strong herbs in the same recipe will conflict with each other.  Also its best to limit a meal to no more than 2-3 herbed dishes and not the same herb in each.

Below is a chart with some suggestions for use of some of the herbs and spices we carry.

Name Uses
Allspice Whole used in pickling, stews, soups, fish, meat & gravy.
Ground used in baking, fruit butters, Ketchup, mincemeat
Anise Used in baking, sweet pickles, licorice products, candies.
Bar-B-Quick Seasoning Add to catsup or tomatoes for a quick barbecue sauce or use to season potatoes, rice, beans and meat dishes
Basil, Sweet Used in tomato dishes, beans, mock turtle and potato soup, egg dishes, steaks, venison, duck.
Bay Leaf Used in pickled beets, stews, gravies, relishes, spiced vinegars and marinades, meats.
Cajun Blackened Fish/Meat Seasoning Use in cooking blackened meat dishes
Cajun Seasoning Adds Louisiana flavor to rice, beans and meat dishes
Caraway Seed Used in rye breads and other baked goods, kraut, cabbage, potatoes, roast pork, goose, cheese, cake and cookies
Cardamom Used in pickling whole.  Ground added to Danish pastry, coffee cakes, fancy rolls.  Bruised seeds in coffee is delicious.
Cayenne Used to season meats, fish, sauces, egg dishes, pickles.
Celery Salt & Seed Use in soups, sauces, salads and dressings, pickles, cheese, fish, meat, poultry.
Chervil Used fresh or dried in salads, soups, egg and cheese dishes.
Chile Powder Used in Mexican and Spanish foods, meat, fish, cheese, egg dishes.
Chives Used in egg, sour cream, cheese dishes.  Potatoes, soups and vegetables.
Cider Mate Spicy- Tart spicy flavor and red color to mulled beverages.
Original- Makes mull cider, wine and juice
Cinnamon Used in pickles, preserves, fruits, beverages, baked goods, puddings.
Cloves Used whole in baked ham, pickling and drinks.  Ground in baked goods conserves and desserts.
Coriander used in curry powders, oriental candy, pickles, meats.
Cumin Used in Italian, Mexican and Jewish dishes.  In curry powder, cookies, egg and cheese dishes, soups, meat, rice pickles, sausage.
Curry Powder Used to make curries of meat, fish, eggs, chicken, gravy. Oriental/Indian touch to rice, veal, shrimp, chicken dishes.
Dill Seed/Weed Fresh leaves (weed) is used in sauces, potatoes, beans, fish , meat.  Seeds used in pickles and in split pea/lentil soup.
Fajita Seasoning Toss with beef, chicken, seafood, or tofu strips and saute´.
Fennel Seed For rolls, rye bread, baked goods, bean and lentil soups.  Favored in Italian and Scandinavian recipes.
Fines Herbes Exceptional for flavoring soups, white meats and egg dishes
Garlic Used in dressings, meats, tomato products, salads, and vegetables.  Used in Italian cookery
Garlic & Herb Seasoning Use as a salt free replacement for garlic salt.
Ginger Used in pickles and preserving.  Baked good. Soups and pudding.  Pot roasts.
Greek Seasoning Seasons lamb, chicken & sauces.
Gumbo File Used in Creole cookery in place of okra to thicken gumbos
Herbes de Provence A classic French blend of savory herb flavor.
Italian Seasoning Adds Italian flavor to pasta, pizza and breads
Jamaican Seasoning All purpose Caribbean meat and seafood seasoning. Good with rice and beans too.
Juniper Berries Used sparingly for epicure's touch to roast venison, lamb, duck, goose and some stews.  Also used in making sauerkraut.
Lovage Used to flavor tomato juice, soups, stews and gravies
Mace Used with chocolate, in cakes, oyster stew, spinach, Whole for pickling and preserving and fish sauces
Marjoram Used in meats, potato, spinach, cheese, egg and fish dishes, chicken, vegetable salads, stuffings, sausage, stews, soups.
Mexican Seasoning A natural for flavoring enchiladas and tamales
Mustard Seed Used for pickles, beets, cabbage, sauerkraut. sauces, gravies, salad dressings.
Nutmeg Used in baked custards and desserts, cream soups, sauces, stews, vegetables such as spinach.
Oregano Widely used in Mexican and Italian dishes, meat, stews, dried beans, lentils. pizza.
Oriental Sauce Mix & Seasoning Cook with liquids to make a sauce for stir fry
Oriental Seasoning Add to marinades, stir fry dishes and sauces
Paprika Used for color and mild flavor, in fish, shellfish, vegetable and egg dishes and in salad dressings
Parsley Chopped to season and garnish soups, stews, salads, potatoes, stuffings.
Pepper Used in pickling, soups, gravies & meats, Used in most, vegetable, fish and egg dishes.
Pepper, Lemon Enhances the flavor of poultry, seafood, and dips
Peppermill 3 pepper blend A peppery burst of flavor for your favorite dishes
Peppermill 4 pepper blend Adds colorful gourmet touch to your table
Pickling Spice Mild- Suitable for sweet pickles and flavoring stews.
Original-Spicy hot traditional pickle seasoning
Pizza Seasoning Livens up homemade or takeout or frozen pizza.  Try on pizza, cheese dishes, breads or pasta
Pizza Zest A convenient blend of Italian herbs and crushed pizza chilies that adds heat and flavor to pizza and pasta sauce.
Poppy seed Used in topping for bread and cookies.  Fillings for kolachy, and garnish for noodles.
Poultry Seasoning Used in poultry, pork, veal and fish stuffings.  Seasons meat loaf, dumplings, biscuit crust for meat and poultry pies.
Pumpkin Pie Spice Flavors Pumpkin pies, custard, eggnog. Try on squash, breads, cake and anything pumpkin.
Rice Seasoning, chicken flavor Meatless seasoning used to add savory flavor to wild, brown or any rice.
Rosemary Delicious in tomato and egg dishes.  Soups, fish, lamb, pork, beef and duck.  Improves stuffings, vegetable and cheese dishes when combined with sage
Saffron Used in Spanish and Scandinavian dishes for yellow color and for flavor in rice, bread and pea soup
Sage Used in stuffing, sausage, veal and pork dishes, beans, tomatoes and fresh cheese.
Savory Good in fish, bean, peas, lentils.  Stuffing, meatballs, croquettes, meats sauces, gravies, & egg dishes
Seafood Boil Boil with shrimp, crab or other seafood
Seafood Seasoning Adds the zing of lemon to seafood and chicken
Sloppy Joe Seasoning Mix Sandwich seasoning for tofu, ground meat and beans
Spaghetti Seasoning Seasoning blend for making pasta sauce.
Taco Seasoning Taco seasoning for meat , rice, beans, soy protein, dips & breads.
Tarragon Good with fish, egg and chicken dishes, beets, spinach, aspics.
Thai Seasoning Adds tart robust flavor to seafood, soup and rice and noodle dishes.
Thyme Essential for New Orleans Cuisine.  Excellent seasoning for Manhattan Clam Chowder, lamb, meat , soups, stews.  Vegetables like carrots, peas, egg plant, onions and in stuffings.
Turmeric Combined with mustard for pickling, in meat and egg dishes. An ingredient in curry powder.