How to make Bread Crumbs
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Gather all your stale bread and dry thoroughly in a slow oven (225F.)  Turn slices so both sides dry evenly. 

 Take dried bread and break into blender and let it rip. Or place bread in plastic bag with end closed loosely and roll with rolling pin.

You can add your favorite herbs to have seasoned bread crumbs.

Great way to use up leftover bread and the heels if your kids, like mine, won't eat them.

Use the crumbs to coat chicken, fish, in meat loaves, or hamburger patties to stretch, or sprinkle on top your favorite casseroles or veggies.

Below is a video of two methods for making your own bread crumbs.  It's only about 3 minutes long.  If the media player doesn't show up in your browser, just Click Here.


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