Our Favorite Sites
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Barry Farm Foods

We have selected some very important and interesting sites that we like.   Some are our friends and neighbors; some are groups we belong to, and some are just plain good visits.  Check them out.  

Whistle Stop Lodge  Lodge is Located outside Bryson City, North Carolina on Lake Fontana.  One of the most beautiful private mountain lodges we've seen and big enough to sleep your entire extended family without tripping over each other.  Near everything but away from the masses of tourists in the Smoky Mountains.  Why rent a hotel room?

Earth Safe Ozone  If you are looking for a sure fire way to rid your food of bacteria and viruses, stop in and see these people.

OEFFA Ohio Ecological Farm and Food Association.   This is our certifying organization and loads of information and links.

OTA Organic Trade Association is a filled with info and direct links to growers and suppliers of organic products

Nutrition Data  This is a must site if you want to find out the nutritional information of all of the common and fast foods you eat every day.  It even helps show what foods work best with certain types of diets (ie. Atkins, etc.)

USDA Nutrition Resource Data  This site give you the opportunity to check the nutrient value of just about any food.  Great resource.

Recipe Calc 4.0  This is a site where you can get a sample copy of the software that we use among others.  If you want to track your dietary intake......try this software, it's free for 20 days then you pay a small registration fee.  Huge built in database.  Well worth the cost! 

Recipes  At the bottom of this page are a list of links to various large and specialty recipe sites.  If you ever needed a recipe for something really unusual or even the everyday dishes, they probably have it on one of these sites.

Celiac.Org  If you have or have recently been diagnosed with Celiacs disease or wheat/gluten intolerance, you should look over this site for support and guidance.  They are a wealth of information.

Xylitol.org  This site has a lot of information about xylitol, its history, uses and any cautions.  It also has links to current university studies being conducted relative to the health advantages of using xylitol.