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  Motto: "Youth is the hope of tomorrow; with us lies the challenge of the world."

Colors: Purple and White

Flower: Lilac

Class Officers:

Rick Snider, President
Steve Day, Vice President
Dennis Akers, Secretary
Carol Hardesty, Treasurer

Class Advisor: Mr. Walter Marshall

Class Roster

Akers, Dennis L. - Missouri Adams, Jean Marilyn - Virginia Adams Bruns, Linda K. - Ohio Andjus, Dana D. - Massachusetts
Apple Ditto, Judy Darlene - Ohio Arthur, Gary - Colorado Atkinson Gromelski, Jane Alice - Arizona Aulberry, Joan Renee - Ohio
Baker Burden, Elizabeth Ann (Betsi) - Ohio Baker, Jim - Ohio (deceased) Barlowe, Caren - Alaska Barlowe Arthur, Carol - Colorado
Barnhardt Mills, Elisabeth - Maryland Barry, William E. - Ohio Baxter, David - California Beery, William H. - Ohio
Bemis, Marsha Jeanne - (deceased) Biery, Daniel L. - New York Bodey Mehlenbeck, Kathleen Annette - Wisconsin Blubaugh, Ken - 
Blickenstaff, Bob - Ohio Bolick Reeves, Susan Kay - Indiana Bowersock LaFlamme, Alberta Jean - Nevada Bowersock Kramer, Janice Kay -(deceased)
Brattain, Steven - Virginia Brackney Fosnaugh, Judith Ann - Ohio Braun, Dick - Ohio Brayton, James - Indiana
Brookhart, Barbara Jane - Ohio Brookhart Young, Beverly Jean - Ohio Bromback, Ted - Georgia Brown Briggs, Billie JoAnn - ?
Brown Smith, Marsha Denette - Maryland Brown Duncan, Penny - Ohio Bruns, Don - Ohio Burden, Dave - Ohio
Burmeister Lynn, Diane M. - Ohio? Cady, Greg - Ohio Campbell, Mike - Ohio Chaffins, Don - Ohio
Clark Burton, Diane Elizabeth - Ohio Clark Templeton, Jo Ellen - South Carolina Cleaves, Gaylord (Pup) - Ohio Clemens, Jerald H. - California
Cline, Dan - Ohio Coleman, Henry J. Jr. (Hank) - California Coleman, Terry Thomas - Michigan Core, Ronald James - North Carolina
Cramer Clyde, Joan - Georgia Crawford, Gregory W. - Minnesota Crocker Mikesell, Mary Jane - Ohio Cummings, Holly - Georgia
Davis Patterson, Karen - Ohio Dawe, Richard L. - California Day, Stephen W. - California Derryberry, Keith - Ohio
Deubler, Dave - Ohio Dial, Dennis - (deceased) Dickerson, Bruce - (deceased) Easley Lucas, Linda L. - Ohio
Eaves Jouett, Ja Neen - Texas Evans, Dave - Ohio Exline Placie, Tammy - Ohio Faccenda, William - Ohio
Ferguson, Robert - Ohio Fisher O'Dell, Nan Elizabeth - Florida Fisher Blankenship, Paula - Georgia Flanigan, John - Ohio
Flowers, Stephen W. - (deceased) Fogt Shaw, Pam - Ohio Ford Howell, Patricia Sue - Ohio Fritchie Cleaves, Barbara Lee (Bunny) - Ohio
Gayer, Sandy - New Hampshire Gayer, Wendy - Colorado George Moore, Linda - Ohio Gracely, Larry Allen - (deceased)
Goble Rolston, Kitty - Ohio Gordon, Larry - Texas Gough Cravatt, Linda - (deceased) Gray Holly, Jo Ann - Ohio
Gunther, Judy A. - Indiana Hale, Michael - Ohio Hanes, Dan - Georgia Hardesty Moran, Carol - Ohio
Hardesty, Lester - Ohio Hartzler, Jeffrey Lynn - Ohio Heffner, Michael R. - Indiana Held, Gary Dean - Texas
Henderson Williams, Beverly Joyce - Texas Henry, Daniel J. - Ohio Heuer Barfield, Ann - Utah Hinegardner, Mike - Ohio
Hitchner Coover, Bonnie - Ohio Hodosko Hawk, Lois - Ohio Hughes Schmidt, Heather - Wisconsin Hurley, Paul - Ohio
Ingle, Randy - Ohio Isaac Rhodes, Mary Lou - Ohio Jacobs, Bernadine R. - (deceased) Janke, Ronald R. - Ohio
Kadar, Dwight S. - Texas Keller, Stuart A. - (deceased) Kepner, Rick W. - Ohio Kimble, Courtney R. - Ohio
Klopp, Daniel L. - Ohio Kunkleman, Randall - Ohio Lamke Hibler, Deborah (Debbie) - Ohio Landeck Krieger-Blake, Luana - Indiana
Lee, Rodney - Ohio LeMar Justice, Christine - Ohio Leppla, Paul II - Ohio Lewis, Richard N. - Ohio
Limbert, Michael - Ohio Lobdell, Edwin (Ted) - Ohio Lockwood, John H. - Ohio Lones, Rosetta Jonnine - (deceased)
Longworth Kohlhorst, Jerri - Ohio Lotz Bushong, Nancy - Ohio Luebben, Donald E. - Florida Lyle Nixon, Janis Eileen (Silka) - 
Lynn, Charles J. - (deceased) Madson, R. Steven - Pennsylvania Matthews Schroeder, Kathy Eileen - Tennessee McBride, Kenneth G. - (deceased)
McDermott, Paul J. - (deceased) McElroy, Linda J. - (deceased) McKinley Steele, Nancy - Illinois Meffley Frank, Susan Lee - Mississippi
Mershon, Clarence (Buzz) - Georgia Miller, Gregory W. - Colorado Miller, Jeff - Florida Miller Barry, Linda - Ohio
Mills, Stephen - Illinois Monroe, Greg D. - (deceased) Music Texter, Brenda - Ohio Myers Barton, Sue Ellen - Michigan
Myers, L. Samuel - (deceased) Nearon Smithey, Doris Ruth - Ohio Neeper, Clarence - Ohio Niles Priddy, Linda - Ohio
Noble, Mike - Ohio Owsley, Fred - Arizona Paquette, Bill - Oregon (moved mid-semester) Parent, John - Ohio
Park, Dennis - Ohio Patterson Morrison, Connie - Ohio Placie, Robert J. - Ohio Portman, Kurt - Ohio
Priddy, Robert G. - (deceased) Redick, Mary Sue - Washington Rhodes Eley, Ruth Marie - Ohio Rice Doseck, Mary Jane - Ohio
Reimesch, David - Ohio Robinson, John Paul - Kentucky Romans Luckey, Pamela - California Roney Naderer, Marsha E. - Ohio
Rossi Murray, Sherrin - Maryland Roush, W. Thomas - Ohio Secrist, Bill - Alabama Sellers, Steve - Ohio
Shambarger, Sue - Ohio Shaw Somers, Jeanne Arlene - Ohio Shinaberry Shappell, Diana Lynn - Ohio Simerly, Paul - South Carolina
Smith, Carol - New York ? Smith, Paul D. - (deceased) Sneary,Charles - Ohio Snowball, Janice Kay - Ohio
Snider, Rick - Georgia Snyder, David Charles - Ohio Stedke, Richard E. - Ohio Steele, Alan - Illinois
Stover Laut, Linda - Florida Sullivan, Denton - Ohio Tabler, James Lawrence Jr. - (deceased) Tenwalde, Dennis - Ohio
Thomas Parker, Stephanie Ann - Pennsylvania Thomas, Timothy William - Virginia Thompson Tenwalde, Peggy - Ohio Trump Seal, Judith Ann - Colorado
Turner Baden, Diana - Ohio Van Pelt, Craig - Minnesota Walker, Kathryn - Arizona Ward Gibson, Carol Elaine - Ohio
Ware Myers, Florence Marie - Michigan Watterson, Bruce - (deceased) Wellbaum, William - Utah White Pennington, Linda - Texas
Whitney, Robert D. - (deceased) Williamson Hess, Peggy - Ohio Wilson, Steven - Ohio Wright Werner, Rebecca (Becky) - Florida
Wright, Jim D. - California Yerger, Ronald W. - Ohio Zwiebel Nighswander, Kathleen Ann - Ohio  

We also strongly urge you to become a member of Facebook and mention Jerri as a "friend".  

This seems to have become the clearing house for finding, chatting and meeting with folks from our class and several other class year alumni.

 She has over 60 classmates connected to her page so far.

It doesn't cost a cent and you can limit personal information disclosure.

Further, if you wish not to have any contact with anyone from high school, please be courteous enough to drop Jerri or Betsi a note so that they and others don't waste a lot of time and effort trying to find you.  We will respect your wishes and privacy.

This is the Electronic Age folks, let's get with it, connect now! 

Please click on one of the contact links for Betsi Baker Burden or Jerri Longworth Kohlhorst for additional information regarding classmates.

















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