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This is the Grocery Store Map for Barry Farm Foods; you just entered our "online" virtual retail and bulk foods grocery store and we want to say thanks for dropping by for a look around!

If you know just what you're looking for, just click the links below and we'll take you to that page.
(This is like the aisles in a grocery store, only your mouse pushes the cart around & does the walking and there are no squeaky wheels on the cart.)

Barry Farm is an internet retail grocer and we specialize in unusual and bulk foods that are hard to find in your local store.  In an effort to supply those that have special needs or wish to use organics in their life style, we have gathered together a collection of groceries, available in single or bulk sizes, that we hope will fulfill all of your shopping needs.  Let us be your favorite retailer of unusual foods.

Anytime you want to come back to this page to check out a different product, 
just click on
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A note for those that are cooking impaired (like me-Bill), most of the basic food items do NOT have cooking instructions on the bags.  BUT, Linda has covered most of the questions for preparation in the section of "Recipe How-tos" up above.  So don't be afraid to try something different.

Here's your grocery store aisles.
Flours Beans & Legumes  
Sugars Brans, Grits & Meals  
Sweeteners Cooking Supplies
  Dried Fruit  
Thickeners Grains
Misc. Baking Supplies Rices  
  Herbs & Spices
Candied Fruit Salts
Dairy and Eggs    
  Seasoning Blends  
Nuts and Seeds Pasta Elbows and Shapes  
Pie Fillings Dehydrated Vegetables  
Candy Making Ingredients Dietary Supplements  
Chocolate, Carob & Cocoa Syrup  

Barry Farm Foods grocery store is your one stop source for all your baking, cooking and special dietary needs.